Answers to some frequently asked questions

Q. How do you get photo images to look good?

A. Final printed output is only as good as the original input. With that said, I've gotten great results with photos taken using a phone. I prefer that you send the original unedited photo file.

Q. Can I order something with my school's or favorite sports team's logo?

A. Unfortunately, no. Those are trademarked and copyrighted art, and I do not have a license to reproduce them. Sorry, but I play by the rules.

Q. How do I get my photo(s) to you?

A. I will send you an e-mail with a link to upload photos after we are notified that your order has been placed. If you need to send original printed photos that require scanning, please select Photo Scanning and add it to your cart. I will give you an address to which you can mail your photo(s), which will be returned to you with the completed item(s).

Q. Why do so many of your sample items feature dogs?

A. Great question! We are dog lovers, and some of our favorite items have come about using show photos and candid photos of our own dogs