Down The Rabbit Hole 3/4 rigid heddle weaving technique brochure (digital copy)

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This is a detailed 24-page written guide that will help you navigate the steps required to use three or four rigid heddles to make your rigid heddle loom behave like a traditional 3- or 4-shaft loom.  You will learn the following:

    How to thread 3 or 4 rigid heddles without going stir crazy
    How to translate a 3- or 4-shaft weaving draft to a rigid heddle threading chart
    It includes two projects: a 4-heddle sampler and a 3-heddle diamond twill

    This is a digital product only.

    For the PDF to Print Booklet version, you will need to print your copy on a printer that permits two-sided printing. Select the option "flip on short side" to ensure that the pages print correctly. It will require 7 sheets of paper.

    The PDF for View on Tablet or Computer version is in single pages. Don't print it unless you want to use 28 sheets of paper (or 14 if double-sided).

    The Both PDF files (Booklet & Tablet) option will give you the opportunity to print the booklet *and* keep a copy on your tablet. You will receive a ZIP file containing two PDFs.

    Want to use this to teach a class or weaving guild workshop? Please contact me prior to purchase for a discounted teacher's rate. Per my copyright, all students/participants are required to purchase an individual copy of the pattern.